What is PIPS™?
PIPS™ is a revolutionary method for cleaning and debriding the root canal system using laser energy at sub-ablative power levels.

PIPS is the first endodontics breakthrough in 50 years. After 10 years of development, the next generation of laser enhanced endodontics has arrived. Using the energy from a laser to deliver non-ablative photoacoustic shockwaves throughout the root canal system, bacteria and organic debris are quickly eliminated. Do not be mistaken; PIPS™ is a non-thermal event, in contrast to other endodontic laser techniques that melt dentin.

How does PIPS™ work?
PIPS™ harnesses the power of laser to create shock waves within the cleaning and debriding solutions introduced in the canal. The control of the shockwaves thoroughly streams these solutions through the entire canal system, enhancing their effectiveness. The canals and sub-canals are left clean and the dentinal tubules are free of smear layer. PIPS™ is equally effective for final water rinsing prior to obturation.

PIPS™ in North Vancouver, BC
The advantages of PIPS™ for patients:

  1. The entire root canal and sub-canal system is cleaned more effectively and debrided than with traditional instrument-only techniques, reducing the risk of reinfection.
  2. The minimally invasive nature of PIPS™ preserves more tooth endoskeleton than traditional instrument techniques, maintaining more post-restoration tooth strength.
  3. Sub-ablative power levels eliminate the risks of ledging and demineralization inherent to other laser endodontic methods.
  4. Since the PIPS™ tip is only inserted into 1/3 of the canal, there is no risk of tip breakage from curved canals or unwanted apical extrusion of chemical irritants possible with other laser endodontic methods.
  5. Less filing time and less soaking time for chemical agents saves 20-30 minutes per canal for patient.

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