The Erbium lasers have proven to be a safe and effective option for the removal of tooth decay and cavity preparation. They are most commonly used for soft and hard tissue surgical procedures. Instead of having to use anesthesia on their patients because of the risk of pain from a high-speed drill, dentists can now offer Erbium lasers as a successful alternative. Lasers help eliminate fear and discomfort for patients, and just as the laser is revolutionizing other areas of our lives, it is now transforming traditional dentistry. Dr. Chan offers two hard and soft tissue Erbium lasers in his office.

The Versawave is a hard tissue laser that Dr. Chan uses to do cavity preparation, caries removal, hard tissue surface etching and roughening, tooth preparation to gain access to root canals, and root canal work such as preparation, debridement and cleaning. The laser is even able to cut and shave bone.

The Powerlase is a hard and soft tissue laser that allows Dr. Chan to perform incisions, excisions, vaporization, ablation and coagulation of hard and soft tissue in the mouth. Just like the Versawave, it also does caries removal and cavity preparation. It works to remove inflamed or diseased soft tissue in the periodontal pocket, which improves clinical indices such as gingival index, gingival bleeding index, probe depth, attachment loss and tooth mobility.

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