If you are fearful of injections you will be happy to hear that we use the DentalVibe® Injection Comfort System that dramatically reduces the pain of injections in the sensitive areas of the mouth like the palate and front of the mouth. This state-of-the-art system allows for a more comfortable injection of anesthetic and significantly reduces injection pain.

DentalVibe® Injection Comfort System

DentalVibe® is a cordless, hand held device that delivers soothing, pulsed percussive micro-oscillations to the injection site. VibraPulse® technology gently stimulates the sensory receptors where the injection is being administered and blocks the pain of injections, effectively closing the neural pain gate. The vibrations block the sensation of pain so that when a shot is administered, you don’t feel it!

DentalVibe® is a patented, award-winning device that was invented by dentists to help make dental procedures more comfortable. DentalVibe® is gentle, fast, and safe. And, because there are no pills to take and no gas to inhale, there are no drowsy after-effects to worry about.

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